"I learned so much in just an hour on how to change my food choices. Great handouts, and I am learning a ton!"

- J Salinas (March 3 2023)

"The wellness class has changed the way my entire family eats. Randy is the best, thank you "

-C Jacobs (November 21 2022)

Meet Your Instructor

Randy Capurro, MDS, RDN, LD

Randy is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian who's been officially practicing since 2016, but his nutrition practice started years before that. Randy specializes in athletic and mental performance and health, traditional and evolutionary diets, diabetes, fatty liver, cholesterol, hypertension, digestive disorders, inflammatory and auto-immune disorders, picky eaters, and supplements. His first degree is in Archaeology, and he continues to study the traditional ways of healthy long-lived cultures and blends this knowledge with cutting edge research. Randy moved from a Level I Trauma Center hospital into outpatient nutrition and online education in order to inspire lasting positive change.